The First (10 or 20) Steps to a Successful Downsizing Move

The mistake most people make when moving to a smaller home is confusing the “cleaning up” needed to sell with the “clearing out” needed to downsize. When we decided to sell our home of over 30 years, I knew I finally had to tackle the dreaded chore of clearing out the accumulation of years of “stuff.” As much as I had enjoyed living in a house with lots of rooms (which also meant lots of furniture), closets big enough to live in and a three-car garage the day of reckoning had finally come.

So, armed with boxes for holding donations and rolls of very large garbage bags, I marched off to my first challenge - my son’s room. For the next 3 hours I waded through clothes, old school reports, uncovered binders filled with Pokémon cards (if you hope you can turn your kid’s leftover fad toys into hard cash think again – collectors want the original box and a complete set of whatever it is, in good condition) gathered up bottle caps, crumbled homework pages, hundreds of pennies, rocks and shells, used tissues, socks, and a plethora of dust bunnies. I even stumbled upon a completely intact snake skin (where did that come from??) – and that was the stuff recovered just from off of the floor. Thankfully, the garage was much easier.

It wasn’t until weeks later, while heavily in the midst of packing, did I realize how much more needed to go and how much more I should and could have done – so what now?

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