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like people, no two moves are the same...

Free Consultation

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Don't know where to begin? Unsure about how to move forward? At our first meeting with you, we'll address all your concerns and assess the work that needs to be done.  

Written Proposal

Designed to incorporate your specific needs, goals and time frame, our proposal will outline the downsizing and move specifics for you.  The plan will be divided into phases with weekly progress reviews to identify any revisions and updates that may be needed along the way.

satisfied customer meditating among packing boxes
Sort, Disposal and Inventory

The Sort is the cornerstone of the downsize because it is when we help clients sort through  20, 30 even 50 years of possessions  to decide what will be kept, gifted, sold or donated.  With the aid of our list of trusted vendors, (e.g.  appraisers, auctioneers and more), we assist the client  in finding the right place for their treasured items.    In the case of Disposal of unwanted items, we do all the arrangements, making every effort to use sources that recycle.  For easy reference to the contents of  boxes we pack,  we maintain a detailed Inventory (with photos when needed).  This is also helpful for boxes not immediately unpacked or placed in storage. 

Nancy Goldsholl working on laptop with a gentleman
Move Out


On moving day we are on site to oversee every phase of the move, from managing the loading of boxes into the vans to ensuring any  vendors needed, such as  electricians or painters, are present  to do what needs to be done.



Move In 


We will do everything needed to set up your new home. Referring to the floor plan we created for you, we will direct the movers for furniture placement, hang your pictures, unpack the boxes and make sure you're settled and comfortable


when two hands just aren't enough . . .

                                               . . . call on ducks "dedicated daughters"

Coined "dedicated daughters" by our very first client, ducks can also help you with the everyday tasks of living. 

  • Run errands

  • Assist with paperwork/bill paying/telephone calls

  • Find (from our network of trusted industry professionals) and arrange for service people to help with any work you need done such as painting, plumbing, etc.